Syria-Since last one and half year, we almost hear everyday about the atrocities of Asad regime about mass killing. Since the inception of Arab Spring in Tunisia, many regimes have fallen including Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt and Yemen. Syrian people are trying to achieve the same since March 2011, but their attempts have been in vain for longer time. Asad regime has continuously refused to step down. Initially, there were news of killings of protesters in every city across Syria. Then, rebels captured some key cities have army was asked to intervene to capture the lost cities. The army faced stiff resistance but eventually it was able to recapture the lost areas. But, the ongoing civil war has resulted in many lives and it is continuing till the moment. Recently, rebels have started the proxy war by targeting key buildings and key politicians. But, nobody is willing to stop the resistance. 

Unfortunately, international community has been unable to do anything substantial in this area due to fierce opposition from China and Russia. Any military intervention from external forces have been blocked through veto by Russia and China at UN. Kofi Annan also started the peacekeeping proposal but it failed to achieve its stated objectives and he stepped down in August 2012 after many attempts. For a new leader for observed mission from UN to Syria will face severe problems including increasing number of refuses in Jordan and Turkey. The situation in getting dire and even UN has accepted that it will be nearly impossible to achieve the peace in near future. No ray of hope is visible in near future. May God save the citizens of Syria from this!


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