June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

This month has been so far quite less productive than I assumed it to be. I was not accepted for LSE-Sciences Po dual degree. In a way, it gave me an opportunity to reassess my interests. Since the application was under consideration until the beginning of June, I am convinced that I had a good profile but I need to build up more concrete experience in this area. I am also kind of clueless about the way forward due to quite limited time in the USA and inability to do anything substantial. Though I was interviewed for South South News internship position recently, I am still considering if I should take it or not. At least, I should start exploring whatever resources or options I am left with.

It is also frustrating to missing an action as more than 20000 people are attending Rio+20 Summit. So many exciting things are happening in Rio De Janero. Many discussions, meetings are going on. I really missed the great opportunity to meet many amazing people who have gathered in Rio to decide the various policies which would drive the future of 21st century. It is unfortunate that I am missing an action due to visa restriction.

Interestingly, UN headquarters is relatively empty from two weeks as many are attending the summit. Media, politicians, public are raising the doubts raised about the success and outcome of this summit. This summit has been organized amid growing economic uncertainty in the global economy. Plus, there are so many discussions and meetings without any concrete goals and specific directions and the decisions and resolutions will not be binding among member states. In addition, few leaders will actually be attending the summit.

There has been relatively less enthusiasm and hence less coverage in Indian media about this summit. India is highly vulnerable to the issue of climate change. Ih 2004, tsunami in the coastal areas caused loss of many lives. Flood is the frequent problem every year especially in the monsoon.  Many people live close to the river and in low lying areas which cause the loss of important properties and lives. In addition, cities like Mumbai get paralyzed due to poor infrastructure in monsoon. In addition, Indian economy is highly dependent on agriculture. Rising water levels and irregular rain are the outcomes of climate change. Hence, India is really sensitive to this issues. Industrial pollution is very high in the urban areas which also endanger the lives of millions of people living in neighbourhood and cause the water pollution. Hence, India will have no choice but to frame a policy could strike a balance between growing energy needs due to growing economy and increasing environmental sensitivity. Since the developed world is demanding more from developing countries, India will have to take actions swiftly.

Although it is unrealistic to expect something big coming out of the summit but it is important to understand that climate change is the global phenomenon. It is ‘mutual responsibility’ of the member states to address this issue jointly. This summit enables global community to spread awareness among the people about the issue and how we all are equally vulnerable to it. In a way, it will also be important to engage civil society in the movement as they are the first ones who will be affected by the changing climate patterns and its worst outcomes.


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