Sciences Po/LSE Admissions

Now, the waiting period starts. I have submitted everything on time and I will get to know about the decision soon. I keep on checking the student blogs regularly and some have already got accepted. So, I can expect the final decision to arrive soon. The most amazing thing about the schools is its diverse student body. Especially, I really want to improve my French Language skills. It will be interesting and challenging to stay in city with different language. Having already studied in American, Indian and German education, it will be amazing to see the global affairs from two totally different perspectives.

Waiting for the acceptance/rejection decision is full of anxiety yet exiting. Sciences Po and London Schools of Economics and Political Sciences- two best institutes of French and British education system have shaped the history of modern Europe since they were founded. They are the schools with a legacy and have been the toughest schools to get in. The program, which I applied, had acceptance rate of less than 15% in 2010. So, I had some reservation before applying to school. After reading about the profiles of various students from various sources, they seemed even more difficult to get in. However, meeting with various alumnus and friends from these schools gave me more information about the schools and really inspired me to apply.

For any school, the student body and faculty plays the most important role. The best advantage to get admitted in such will be the opportunity to meet many like-minded people from all walks of life. Some are Returned Peace Corps volunteers who might have worked for more than two years in distant regions of Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. Others would have worked in promoting the human rights advocacy probably in Middle East. Many would have worked in the areas of health and education in toughest living condition. Overall, it is great opportunity to be with some of the brightest people in the world with myriad experiences and have lived the life which is beyond imagination. This year, one of the most interesting experiences would be to meet the students from Middle East who might have played an active role in Arab Spring. Since the youth especially the students have played an important role to establish stable democracies in their countries. It will be very amazing to hear their experiences.


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