Rio+20 Summit

This month, has been great learning experience. The most amazing experience was to attend International Development Conference at Harvard University Kennedy School of Governance. I also participated in case competition of Equator Initiative of UNDP in the meeting. Another interesting event was Earth Summit at Columbia Earth Institute.

Next months will be full of excitement. UN is really working hard to get the member states on board with to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. This year climate change and energy policy will be the most important things on UN’s radar and will play an important role in framing policies of many member states. Rio de Janero will be full of energy specialists and social workers in June. It is expected to have more than 50000 people along during June 22-24 during the summit. Even before that, there are various events which will be taken place during June 11-20 at Rio.

Across the world, there are many initiatives are organized to raise the awareness across the world and educate the people about the energy and climate change issues. New York is organizing an initiative of NY+20 in May across many schools and universities. I will be attending some of those meetings as well.

I am not yet sure if I will be able to attend the Rio+20 Summit due to visa restriction. This visa issue has been really annoying and prohibits me to travel anywhere. But, I will attend the meetings and side events in UN. That is really an advantage staying in New York.


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